An unexpected View

the view where we had our picnik

I sometimes forget where i actually live, and no i dont mean i have a small degree of Amnesia. I always forget that i live only a 40 minute drive from the most beautiful place in the country- the Lake District. Flicking through a couple of old photo’s on my phone i came across a picture that i love (The one above) This was taken somewhere near Ambleside. But trust me this wasn’t an easy climb. My uncle is a walking enthusiast and over the years my participation in a long family walk has become more and more absent. Recently though I’ve been jumping in the Mini and driving out of my home town and enjoy the scenery.

When we got the top after LOTS of moaning ‘Are we nearly there yet‘ followed by ‘can we just eat here‘ My uncle told us to run up the the rock. We went and the view was amazing. We sat and had our picnik and the whole family, for the first time since we started walking, was silent. We sat and just enjoyed the view.

We thought that was the end of the walk and it was all downhill from then on. But oh no! how could i of even thought that, this was my uncle I’m talking about and he is one for pushing our fitness to the extreme! The next few hours were extremely painful. Walking up hill and climbing up vertical rock surfaces (Which im sure he only took us up so we could laugh at my nana attempt to climb)


The path to the top


(From left to right) Uncle Glenn, Anne, Nana, Dad

Now this view was amazing from the top :


On the way down it was extremely hard. My nana was sliding all the way down and i couldn’t help but laugh when she was screaming (she wasn’t in any real danger- I’m not that mean) As we reached flat ground, although still not back to ground level, we came across a huge cave and my family being the rebels that we are, decided to ignore the very large ‘DO NOT ENTER‘ Sign and ran in giggling like naughty school children. We hid in there and made lots of echos, confusing other walkers.


After this 6 hour walk, and the loss of many calories, we went for a Johnson and Chapman family tradition pub drink. We ended up sitting by a the river sipping on our Wine and Beer soaking up the last of the sun rays. I would definitely recommend going out and enjoying the view when ever you can!


This is my Life as it is.

First post complete! Same time tomorrow?