Introducing the Travel Series – SPF


John Frieda Straightening Potion, Clinique face cream SPF 40, Nivea Sun Pure and sensitive sun lotion + Aloe Vera 50 High.

My boyfriend and I are doing a bit of traveling this summer and I thought I would do a kind of Pre-travel series of posts ‘The travel Series.’ I have a few posts in mind that I’m going to be cracking on with but if there are any other suggestions- suggest away!

SO to get this series on its way without further ado, SPF.

Without question the first essential and the most important of all, SPF. SPF is something I ALWAYS forget to re-apply and end up resembling a bright pink lobster for the rest of the holiday (not the most flattering look.)  This year I am determined to not look ridiculous on all of the holiday pictures and keep my natural skin colour and hopefully gain a bit of a healthy tan. SPF is something people don’t take seriously in my opinion. Look for an SPF which has the symbols of UVA AND UVB (UVA ages skin whereas UVB burns skin!) Sun damage is one of the main reasons ageing shows. I’ve invested in two different SPF’s this year for different purposes.

Clinique SPF 40 face cream goes without saying that this one will be used on my face. I will also be rubbing this over my hands as they are the place aging is shown most and is the more forgot about. The main reason I choose this (aside from Caroline Hirons giving it an all-round good review) is that it protects from both UVA and UVB and is also a very high protection of Factor 40 -I burn easily and in no position to take chances.

Next on the SPF menu is Nivea sun Pure and Sensitive sun lotion + Aloe Vera 50 High. This is a sun cream which I just picked up in Boots yesterday. The main reason I chose this was due the high factor for my body. The packaging also includes the symbols UVA and UVB along with ‘Protection system EU compliant.’ It is also 100% free from perfumes which is another bonus for those with sensitive skin (ME!!!) it also indicates that this is water resistant, which is something very important when swimming outside (You are more likely to burn in water as the sun rays are scattered and hit you) even though it does say water resistant, I will be reapply after swimming.  The reason I decided to grab this SPF was because it included Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is proven to reduce burning. When I went to Venezuela visiting family my sister and I burnt extremely bad even after applying layers and layers of SPF. Luckily my Granddad grew Aloe Vera and rubbed the plant all over the burns- which did sting! But in the morning the burnt areas didn’t hurt and went much faster. I’m not sure if it will actually do anything in the lotion and could be a gimmick but hey-ho it won’t do any harm and its worth a shot I suppose? I will report back if it is a miracle worker!

The last product is a bit of a cheat. It isn’t an SPF BUT it is a heat protectant. I’m not 100% certain if the sun does damage your hair but I presume it does. The product I use when I add heat such as hair straighteners is John Frieda straightening potion. Maybe isn’t the best product to protect from the sun but if it works for hair straighteners I’ll be spraying abit on my hair before I go out so stop it going dry and crispy.

Don’t forget to take SPF. We are always exposed to sunlight Invest in an SPF- you won’t regret it! And no, you cant use the remains of your SPF from the year before! UVA and UVB break down and become useless.