Venice Day Two


After looking around Venice on day one, we knew which historic buildings we wanted to see. We woke up early morning to beat the whopping queues. We first visited the San Marco Campanile which is the bell tower in St Mark’s Square. I presumed that there would be thousands of stairs to climb but surprisingly there was a lift! I still feel a bit ill when I think about the condensation sweat droplets on the roof of the lift from all the sweaty tourists (Ew!) The view from above was amazing (Pictures below) A 360 degree view of the roof tops of Venice and the water side. Utterly amazing.  Highly suggest paying 8 Euros for the view – and don’t be too scared by the long queue for the Campanile, it goes fairly quick! We then queued for Saint Marks Basilica. Free entry which was fantastic however a small fee of 3 euros is asked for at every inside door to see treasure and other precious items. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any pictures inside as it was not allowed (But I was naughty and tried taking a few, but the Church was too dark for a picture!) Everything is so calming inside the main hall. Beautiful ceiling and relaxing. Another recommended place to see.


Breakfast– At morning we were woken by a very loud knock on the door which ended up being our breakfast! Breakfast in bed delivered on a silver tray- oh did I feel posh.

Lunch– After looking in the Basilica and going up the Campanile we wondered the streets in search for a cute restaurant. We ended up in an opening, a small square filled with restaurants.  We ended up eating at one of them and I had the best spaghetti Bolognese ever! I’m so annoyed that I can’t remember the name and if put in Venice again, would not be able to find it.

Tea- I didn’t want to admit this, but here we go *deep breath* We went to Hard Rock Café AGAIN! There we go, I said it! And erm, there may (JUST MAY) be a common trend :s


Night time in St Mark’s Square is amazing. All the building lights are on and the expensive restaurants on the square all have live bands playing classical music. It truly is romantic and at night I can see why it’s one of the most romantic cities in the world. If you’re not staying near St Marks Square, I’d still recommend going to see it at night time and also walking along the water front. But beware- there are lots of men trying to sell roses and they won’t accept a no! My boyfriend said he was planning on buying and surprising me with a rose while I was getting ready to go out but unfortunately he had to do it the less romantic way and be forced a rose upon him. But I’m still very happy with my rose, thankyou Robbie.

A few snaps from the second day…