University life Lesson [2]

University life lesson number 2


During ‘Freshers’ week the urge to spend money on clothes, food and alcohol can be EXTREMELY hard to resist! Obviously food is a necessity but is that Costa hot chocolate really worth it? I’m in full board accommodation meaning that 3 meals a day are provided at certain times of the day. But of the hours of 9pm the tummy rumbles being to get louder and louder. I try to stock up on a few snacks such as breakfast biscuits and crisps (Food which doesn’t need a fridge). What I’ve noticed is that Poundland will be your BEST friend. Tesco seems to be a shop for people with a high income now I’m living alone. I’ve noticed that the same products sold in tesco for £2.50 (e.g) are £1 in Poundland (Bargain!) I stick to £5 on food a week which seems to be just fine for me – give it a try!