University life Lesson [2]

University life lesson number 2 Budget! During ‘Freshers’ week the urge to spend money on clothes, food and alcohol can be EXTREMELY hard to resist! Obviously food is a necessity but is that… Continue reading

Summer 2013

This year I’ve had one of the best Summers despite moving house. Finishing college, going on to 4 different countries and starting University. Here’s a little montage of some parts of my summer.

University Life Lessons

University Life Lessons As I’m new to the whole university life, I thought it would be nice to let you know some of my University life lessons. Basically I’ll give you tips and… Continue reading


I put together a little video of our time in Venice. Hope you like it! Look out Geneva posts soon!


Venice Day Three Hotel The third day was our last day in Venice as we flew to Geneva at night. We had to leave our room by 11am and that meant we would… Continue reading


Venice Day Two Entertainment After looking around Venice on day one, we knew which historic buildings we wanted to see. We woke up early morning to beat the whopping queues. We first visited… Continue reading

Venice- DAY ONE

Venice DAY ONE The first day was a long one! Awoken by the alarm at 3:15am I rolled into the shower and got ready for the upcoming adventure.  The Taxi arrived at the… Continue reading

A Travel Introduction

My boyfriend and I decide we wanted to go on our first holiday (without parents) to be unique and out of the ordinary ‘MAGA’ style. Instead we both came up with the idea… Continue reading

Introducing the Travel Series – SPF

My boyfriend and I are doing a bit of traveling this summer and I thought I would do a kind of Pre-travel series of posts ‘The travel Series.’ I have a few posts… Continue reading

An unexpected View

I sometimes forget where i actually live, and no i dont mean i have a small degree of Amnesia. I always forget that i live only a 40 minute drive from the most beautiful… Continue reading